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It Was Always Going to be a Lose/Lose Situation With The Two Katies But Pricey Comes Out on Top

I was cringing, and feeling nautious. Keith was kicked out, Keith the demi-god was unceremoniously removed, and that weird Callum Best with his pseudo American accent was booted out.

That left us with brain-dead and boob-less against horse-face and vile. Whoever won, it wasn’t gonna be pretty.

But after an agonising wait, the Pricey won accompanied by fake and unsincere tears (probably planning a new book release – written by someone else of course).

So another celeb BB bites the dust and all the wrong people won, who should the winner have been? Perez of course, he gave me more laughs and entertainment than the rest put together and magnified x10.

But in the politically correct world of big brother, only the righteous, kind, or should i say chosen ones get to win.

But it was good fun and we can do it all again next year, Yah!