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The Perez Show has new Fallout with Michelle

Perez is one unique guy. He could argue with an empty room! But as there are currently other celebs around he is still arguing with them. The latest in his crosshairs is Michelle Visage.

Although it seems like pure pantomime, maybe Perez Hilton does just hate everyone. Anyways if you want to know more then read here.Now that Perez has lost his only friend in Nadia, he is not making a good job of finding new ones. The argument flared up after he had had a bust up with Calum Best.

It all began after a row that Perez had with Calum where he said, “I don’t like you…I don’t care about you.”

Michelle chimed in, saying, ”I don’t like you’ are not nice words to say to people.”

The Perez show then told Michelle that her crusade to represent the gay community was unwanted saying, “As a member of the LGBT community, you do not represent me.”

But Michelle rebuffed him saying she would not want to represent Perez but would always be a ‘voice’ for the community. Perez mocked her saying, “fly that gay pride flag.”

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Perez and Kavana Leave along with Prescription Sleeping Pills

Although Kavana was to be expected to have his boring ass removed, seeing Perez booted out of the Big Brother house was a shocker – Where will we get our entertainment now?

On the day that Kavana became the sixth evictee from the house, it was Perez who was greeted by load booing who revealed that to get through the last week, he had been prescribed sleeping pills by BB.

He caused some controvesy by not even saying goodbye to his fellow housemates, he told Emma that he had already said goodbye earlier and, “I was literally so happy in that moment.”

Perez said that he hated the experience and he deeply regreted entering the house saying, “It has been a traumatic experience. I experienced so much pain in that house.”

He also let slip (several times) that, “I had to take sleeping pills in the house for the last week and a half.”

The father-of-one explained that he could not sleep and couldn’t switch off leading to the prescribed medication by a doctor.

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Katie Price Exits Celebrity Big Brother House Due To Medical Reasons

One time model and air-head Katie Price, has had to leave the Celebrity Big Brother house for alleged medical reasons, probably concerning her dodgy boobs.

Of course she may have just been wanting to get away from the various vacuous and brain dead z list celebs, such as horse-faced and motor-mouthed Katie Hopkins of course.

The timing (as always happens) is very convenient, with the final a mere hours away. Will she make it back? Course she bloody well will.

The morons that are left have been slagging off the Pricey for doing nothing, coming in late and getting an easy ride to the final.

Well said you nobody celebs, it’s the first thing you have said that is of any interest!

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It Was Always Going to be a Lose/Lose Situation With The Two Katies But Pricey Comes Out on Top

I was cringing, and feeling nautious. Keith was kicked out, Keith the demi-god was unceremoniously removed, and that weird Callum Best with his pseudo American accent was booted out.

That left us with brain-dead and boob-less against horse-face and vile. Whoever won, it wasn’t gonna be pretty.

But after an agonising wait, the Pricey won accompanied by fake and unsincere tears (probably planning a new book release – written by someone else of course).

So another celeb BB bites the dust and all the wrong people won, who should the winner have been? Perez of course, he gave me more laughs and entertainment than the rest put together and magnified x10.

But in the politically correct world of big brother, only the righteous, kind, or should i say chosen ones get to win.

But it was good fun and we can do it all again next year, Yah!